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Raft Sales

We are a Maravia and NRS dealer. If you want a new boat give us a call and we will be happy to make you a great deal!

Used Rafts and equipment:

Our rental rafts are for sale between August 1 and December 31 of each year:

14' Maravia, model is a Williwaw 1

-we have 3 of these boats to choose from ranging in price from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on condition and how new of floor the boat has in it. Checkout frame prices below.

14' NRS Outlaw. We bought this boat this spring. $1,750 for the raft with nothing else.

14' Odyssey bucket boat. I bought this boat before we bought the raft rental business, but it has been a reliable "back-up bucket boat" during the busy season when we are out of self-bailing Maravia's and someone has to have a raft. We will sell this raft with a welded frame and two coleman coolers for $800.

Welded rafting frames $250-$400 depending on size and age

128 quart Igloo Marine coolers $100 used, $285 new.

NRS 121 quart cooler (yeti-like build) $250 used

We have all things rafting related both new and used so give us a call or shoot me an email letting us know what you need.